Tuition Fees

Each September, we begin a waitlist for the following school year. To be added to the waitlist, parents should fill out and return a registration form along with a $45 fee before scheduling a visit to Trilok School. In the spring, available placements will be offered to individuals on the waitlist. To secure their spot, parents pay a $500 non-refundable application fee.

Tuition rates are as follows for 2017-2018 (Effective August 7, 2017.
Annual tuition $16,060:
Monthly Plan $1656.00 ($500 extra)
Quarterly Plan $4015.00 (4 installments. No Discount)
Bi -Annual Plan $7980.00 (2 installments/with a $100 discount)
Annual Plan $15860.00 (Single Installment/with a $200 discount)

We offer a 10% sibling discount to families with more than one child enrolled at the school. Please note, tuition rates and fees are subject to change.

Tuition is managed by a third party tuition management system called FACTS. All parents are required to sign up with FACTS for their tuition payments. FACTS allows you to have control over your payments online and also chose your method of payment. It is a convenient way to manage your finances in relation to the school.

Repeated late payment (more than two months in arrears) is grounds for dismissal. In the event of short- or long-term financial hardship, a family may negotiate a flexible payment arrangement with the Director. No refunds or deductions are provided for absences due to illness, vacations, school holidays, or early withdrawal.

Bounced Check Fee : $100

Activity Fee
Students of Trilok School take trips once a month, and parents are invited to participate whenever they are able. A great deal of learning at TriloK School is through modalities such as fine arts, music, cooking, gardening, etc, all of which require additional materials. A $400 activity fee is charged in addition to the tuition fees for the school year to cover these costs.

Community Fee
Through the course of the year, the school organizes social events where families can get to know the larger school community in a relaxed and casual setting. Blues/Jazz Night, Disco Night, Movie Night and Holi Festival are some regular events organized in the past. A $250 fee is charged towards organizing these fun and inviting mixers, where children and families bond outside the hallways and classrooms. Also included in this fee is the yearbook and Trilok Merchandise.


All families must attend the annual Orientation Meeting that is held in September. First month’s tuition is due on the child’s first day of school. Emergency contact, medical release and medical exam forms (download) must be returned at the Orientation meeting. If there is a change in information, it is the parent/s responsibility to inform the school.


If parents wish to terminate their child/s enrollment, the Executive Director must receive written notice. In the event of early withdrawal,
50 % of the remaining tuition is refundable with two months notice if you are on the annual plan.
25 % of the remaining tuition is refundable with two months notice if you are on the bi-annual plan.
There are no refunds if you are on a monthly or quarterly plan.
There will be 30-day waiting period after the date of withdrawal of your child for refund.

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Trilok School does not discriminate against students and families on the basis of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or physical ability. The roster is made based on school and community needs. Spots are first reserved for current students and then for siblings. Once current Trilok members and their siblings have been placed, we then begin to take applicants from our wait pool. Applicants are selected based on classroom needs and selection is made with thoughtful consideration of the classroom dynamic and community, including class balance in terms of age and gender.

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