Friends of Trilok


Ada & Leo is a kids’ technology program focused on learning and creativity, offering afterschool, weekend, and summer courses for kids of various ages, 6-12 years old.


Moozika is an interactive music class for children ages newborn to five years old and their adults. Our lively forty-five minute classes promote children’s musicality and development through singing, dancing, and playing instruments (shakers, bells, drums, and more.)

Moozika classes move through a dynamic mix of playful original songs written by its founder, Jesse Goldman, as well as timeless kids’ tunes and classic popular songs. Puppets, a giant parachute, dancing scarves, children’s stories, and other props create a playful and age-appropriate learning environment. Additionally, because our curriculum includes songs in English and Spanish, children (and adults) in our classes have the opportunity to encounter new languages along the way.

Moozika classes are taught with an ethos of gentleness in safe, clean, and nurturing spaces for babies and toddlers. Our goal is to help children discover the joy of creating music with others.