Action-packed with exciting skills to learn and movement routines that motivate and challenge! Class warms up with lively music, next we condition with cross mat tumbling (no waiting in lines!) Then our gymnasts are led through an obstacle course of Gymnastic & Circus skills as they master the challenges in their paths. Skill Levels 1-3 (Ages 3 and up)

Adventure Series with Child’s Play NY (ages 3-6, limit 10 kids Heroes, embark on ocean adventures, act out fairy tales, improvise animal characters and more! Using their bodies, voices and minds, students re-interpret classic and contemporary children’s literature and are inspired to create their own adventures. Simple props and costumes help them bring their characters to life. Connections are made to literature and the world around them, through inspiration and theater.

Dance will help children build their imagination and creativity. Wewill create a dance from a story and make our fingers, hands and body act and react to the music. We play different games to understand our body-mind coordination.


Dancers with previous experience will learn Jazz Natyam and more advanced techniques in their repertoire: Allaupiu, Padam, Pushpanjalli.

A beginner-intermediate level class designed to prepare for a traditional ballet class. Children will explore creative movement while learning basic ballet concepts such as ballet positions and movement exercises that emphasize strengthening, improved posture and alignment. Fun, creative elements including stories, games and other imaginative activities will keep the pace of the class lively and engaging. Ballet slippers, tights, and leotards are welcomed.

Children will learn Hindi through fun activities, such as art projects, singing, music and movement and reading. By the end of the course, children will be able to use basic words and phrases and recognize several letters and characters. This class is a great opportunity to explore a new language and become familiar with other cultures and their music.

Children will collaborate to explore and perform different rhythms using African drums and other
percussion instruments. Parents/caregivers will have the opportunity to learn drumming techniques and children will explore creative movement to different beats. (ages 2-5 )


Group Classes All children will be encouraged to learn basic Music & Piano Skills: Introduction to Piano, listening, singing, clapping, followed by note reading & writing, and much more. Each semester will work on memorization and performance of several recital pieces. During Group Piano Classes, children will be learning Music together in a very positive and friendly environment.Individual Lessons All children will be encouraged to learn level appropriate Music & Piano Skills: Piano technique, listening, singing, clapping, note reading & writing, and much more. Each semester will work on memorization and performance of several recital pieces of student’s liking.